Conservation Commission

Mission Statement:

The Conservation Commission has two broad responsibilities. The first of these is to evaluate and make recommendations to the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) on permits to do work in or near wetlands, and the second responsibility is to monitor this work, to file complaints and assist citizens in filing complaints related to wetlands violations ("wetlands" includes Lakes, Ponds, and New Durham's streams and brooks.)

In 1969, residents of New Durham voted at town meeting to establish a Conservation Commission as advisors to aid the other town boards, developers, and land owners in the protection of the natural resources in town. In 1975 (Article #14) the residents of New Durham voted to increase the Conservation Commission to 6 members. In 2015 (Article 12) the residents of New Durham voted to decrease the Conservation Commission to 5 members.

The members of the New Durham Conservation Commission (NDCC) are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serve three-year terms.

The NDCC is composed of town residents having a variety of interests and experience. The Commission's primary goal is to work with town residents to provide for the protection and appreciation of natural resources. To that end, the NDCC is committed to broadening public awareness of the natural resources of New Durham in the belief that it will inevitably lead to greater commitment to their careful stewardship.

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Commission Members

Name Title
Ron Gehl Chair (2023)
Curtis Richard Vice-Chair (2023)
Heather Freeman Member (2022)
Mark Sullivan Member (2022)
Robert Craycraft Alternate
William Malay Alternate
Victor Pikarski Member (2024)