Cyclical Work Conducted by Assessors

Located Around Merrymeeting Lake

The Whitney Consulting Group, LLC is currently conducting cyclical work around Merrymeeting Lake. It is important to New Durham that the Assessors with this firm are identifiable during this process and accessible to answer any questions. The Assessor will be wearing a badge, have an official letter from the Town of New Durham and have a marked vehicle. If you should have any questions for the Assessing Office, you can contact them at (603) 859-2091 ext 2005 or email Josephine Belville by clicking here. Emails are checked regularly, and voicemails are checked once a week. Of course, your safety is always a priority for us and if you believe someone is on your property illegally, please contact the Police Department. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Town Administrator, Nicole Zoltko, at (603) 859-2091 ext 2003 or by email by clicking here. Additionally, Whitney Consulting will be presenting at the February 23, 2023 Select Board Meeting that starts at 6:00pm. We welcome you to join in person or through Town Hall Streams to hear more about the current Assessing Process that is taking place.