Police Department phone numbers changed to enhance department response

Police Dispatch

The phone lines at the New Durham Police Department are as follows: 859-2751 is the Emergency line into the Police Department that goes directly to Strafford County Dispatch, . . This line is for Emergency situations and dispatch can contact a officer immediately or you can always dial 911. The 859-2752 is the department's business line which will be picked up by my Administrative Assistant who works Monday through Thursday 0800-3:00 pm. If for some reason the Administrative Assistant can not pick up, or it is after offfice hours the line it will go to the auto attendant which will give choices to the caller on who they want to leave a message with. This change was instituted by Chief Bernier in response from residents who expressed delays in contacting the Police Department. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Chief at sbernier@newdurhamnh.us.