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New Lodge Parking Form

The new Lodge Parking form is now available in the files section, over on the left hand side of the web page. Please fill this out and... more ››

Culvert Clearing

Spring run off is in full swing in the Village. It is imperative that all home owners clear both openings of their driveway culverts as... more ››

Ballot results for the officers voted on

Results - Officers

The site scales down the image, so here are the results:Commissioner 3 year:
Kelly Bisson – 16
Pat Grant – 6
Bria Seay – 3... more ››

Ballot results for the articles voted on

Results - Articles

The site scales down the image, so here are the results:Article 1
Yes – 27
No – 1Article 2
Yes – 28
No – 2Article 3... more ››

Copple Crown Village District Annual Meeting April 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm The Lodge

Annual Meeting

Lodge Parking

TO:             CCVD Property Owners and ResidentsFROM:       CCVD CommissionersDATE:        January 20, 2019SUBJECT:  LODGE PARKING

Parking Reminder

Memo To:    CCVD Residents
From:             CCVD Commissioners
Date:              November 29, 2018Subject:        CCVD Snow... more ››

Enhanced CCVD Communication Request

To:           All CCVD Residents
From:      Copple Crown Village District Commissioners
Date:       Nov 5, 2018
Subject: ... more ››

CCVD Snow Removal and Ice Control

Memo To:           CCVD Residents From:                   CCVD Commissioners Virginia Skinner & Laurene Todd... more ››