Zechariah Boodey Farmstead Committee

"Preserving the Past to Support the Future"
  • Zechariah Boodey Farmstead
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To reconstruct the Zechariah Boodey Farmstead, while maintaining historic integrity of the buildings; to teach future generations about our collective pasts; featuring New Durham's importance in that history; provide a useful asset for the community.

Committee Charge:

The Zechariah Boodey Farmstead Committee's responsibility will be to oversee fund raising and reconstruction of the Zechariah Boodey House, a historical building in the community. During the Board of Selectmen' March 1, 2006 meeting, they made official acceptance, signing "Agreement for Donation and Preservation of the Boodey House", of the donation/gift of the Boodey House from the Ferguson Family Trust. The Committee shall raise funds by a number of means including, but not limited to; solicitation of funds and grants from private foundations; appropriations from the Town of New Durham, donations from private individuals and charitable organizations and any other legal means to fund this project.

How can you help? 

Charitable contributions may be  mailed to: Zechariah Boodey Farmstead Committee, PO Box 207, New Durham, NH 03855. (Charitable contributions deductions may be taken per the Internal Revenue Code Section 170(a)(1).)

The Boodey House, built by Zechariah Boodey in 1769, was the birthplace for the First Free Will Baptist Church, on June 30, 1780, under the leadership of Elder Benjamin Randal. The Committee has undertaken a substantial project to expand access to our historic and cultural heritage. The restoration, reconstruction and re-purposing of the Zechariah Boodey Farmstead, historic buildings from our past, will be a cornerstone connection to local businesses, and other surrounding historical and cultural entities, by encouraging growth in our communities' local economy. The Farmstead will yield a location, available to a variety of people, for social, educational, private and civic events and activities. 

Consider joining as a member or volunteering. 

Committee Members

Name Title
Cheryl Cullimore Secretary
Crissa Evans Member
Fran Frye Vice Chair
Cat Murzyn Member
Scott Drummey Member
Cathy Orlowicz Chair