Forest Fire Warden

Duties & Responsibilities:

Fire Prevention:
  • Require fire permits & enforce all forest fire laws regarding outside burning within their jurisdiction.
  • Keep public informed of fire danger & forest closures.
  • Informing the state fire ranger of active timber sales, slash violations & fire violations that require follow up.
Fire Preparedness:
  • Preplanning of local forest fire hazards
  • Fire departmental training for forest & brush fires
  • Determine tool & equipment requiments needed for town
  • Appoint deputy wardens & fire permit writers to assist the warden.
Fire suppression:
  • Suppressing forest fires is the Wardens primary responsibilty. The warden is to use the authority provided to accomplish this.  The warden will work with the local & state agencies under a unified command to supress all forest fires.
Reports & billing:
  • The warden is responsible to make an accurate forest fire bill to state.
  • Payment to fire fighters
  • Submit yearly budget report to selectmen for approval

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Stuart Forest Fire Warden (603) 859-3473