Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses: In the State of New Hampshire all dogs are required to be licensed after the age of 4 months and must be licensed by April 30th of each year. According to RSA 466:13, any owner or keeper of a dog who fails to license the dog pursuant to RSA 466:1 shall forfeit $25.00 (civil forfeiture) to the town clerk of the municipality in which the dog is kept.

Necessary Documentation:

Copy of current veterinary certificate with proof of rabies, i.e. rabies tag number, expiration date.

Proof of neutering/spaying, if applicable.


  • $9.00 Male or Female
  • $6.50 Spayed or Neutered
  • $6.50 Puppy (Dog must be under 7 months old at the time of registration)
  • $2.00 Senior Citizen (Seniors must be 65 or older and only one discounted license per senior.)
  • $20.00 Group License (5 or more dogs)
  • Late fee commencing June 1st & $1.00 per month

What happens if I don't license my dog?

Failure to license a dog is a violation of state law. In addition to the annual license fee you will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per month for each month after June 1st. In addition, you are subject to a $25.00 civil forfeiture fine, if it is not paid, the case will be disposed of in the Rochester District Court.

Dog Ordinance

There is no longer a Dog Ordinance in Town, but all residents must still adhere to the State RSA. Please click here for a link to RSA 466.

For questions, please contact the Town Hall or the Police Department.