Mission Statement:

The Assessor is responsible for estimating an assessed value based upon the fair market value of your property. A revaluation of all properties is done every five years and physical changes to the property updated yearly. Fair Market Value is defined as “The most probable sale price of a property in terms of money in a competitive and open market, assuming the buyer and seller are acting prudently and knowledgeably, allowing sufficient time for the sale, and assuming that the transaction is not affected by undue pressures.(Property Appraisal and Assessments Administration, IAAO, Copyright 1990).

The Assessor’s office oversees all the tax exemptions and credits. The staff assists the public in accessing our public records i.e. tax maps, tax cards, abutters lists, owner information and deeds, applications for tax credits and exemptions, and intent to cut/excavate.

If you have any questions concerning any of the above matters, please feel free to contact this office. If you have any questions concerning the assessed value of your property please call to schedule an appointment with the Assessor.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeff Earl Assessor (Cross Country Appraisal Group, LLC) (603) 859-2091