Transfer Station

Recycle, Reduce, ReusePublic Notice: Changes During COVID-19

Welcome to the Town of New Durham Transfer Station and Recycling Center

The Town of New Durham collects household trash as well as recyclables at the Transfer Station/Recycling Center on Tash Road. The Transfer Station is available to dispose of furniture, appliances, and all other over-sized items. 

Fees will apply for all items, except recyclables and household trash. (see Transfer Station Disposal Fees)

PLEASE SEE ATTENDANT when disposing of over sized items or for items such as tires, motor oil, anti-freeze, thermostats, thermometers, car batteries, cell phones, and fluorescent light bulbs.

REMEMBER…the more we recycle the more $$$$ we are saving and that adds up in your tax bill every year! By diverting certain items (plastics, glass, cardboard, paper, etc.) from the waste stream, we are not only saving the environment but also saving money!!!

Using the recycling numbers for 2014, if the total tonnage were disposed of in the trash (MSW) instead of recycled it would have cost the Town $32,871.70 MORE in the budget. Selling the recycling commodities at the best rates, we were able to receive over $16,000 in REVENUE that goes right back into the general fund!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joshua Johansen Supervisor (603) 859-8080
Pam Ward Administrative Assistant (603) 859-8000