Copple Crown Village District

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The Copple Crown Village District is a small, separate government entity located within the Town of New Durham. Formed in 1978 by a vote of the residents in that area, the village district operates under the provisions of RSA 52. Annually, residents within the Village District that are registered voters of the Town of New Durham (a total of 83 homes as of April 2017) elect officers to manage the business affairs of the district. These officers include a Board of Commissioners; Moderator, Secretary and Treasurer. Similar to the Town of New Durham and the Governor Wentworth Regional School District, an annual meeting is held to establish the budget for the District for the ensuing year and to conduct other business of the District. This meeting is open to the public, but only residents of the Village District that are all registered voters of the Town of New Durham may cast their votes at the meeting.

The Copple Crown Village District is responsible for:

  • The construction, maintenance and care of parks and commons;
  • The maintenance of activities for recreational promotion;
  • The impoundment of water; and
  • The layout, acceptance, construction and maintenance of roads.

There are approximately 250 individual properties in the Copple Crown Village District. In order to meet its obligations listed above, the Village District assesses a property tax against the properties within the district. Property owners within the Copple Crown Village District have a total tax rate that includes funds for the Town of New Durham, State of New Hampshire Education Property Tax, Governor Wentworth Regional School District Tax Rate; Strafford County tax rate and Copple Crown Village District tax rate. For 2019, the total tax rate for the Village District totaled $30.97 per thousand. A break down of that tax rate follows:

Local Education$12.75
State Education$2.36
Copple Crown$7.62

One of the primary responsibilities for the Village District is the maintenance of the roads within the district. The Copple Crown Village District Board of Commissioners has declared the roads within the District to be private roads. The roads within the Village District include:

  • Crown Drive
  • Deer Lane
  • Durham Drive
  • Franconia Drive
  • Garmish Drive
  • Innsbruck Drive
  • Interlaken Drive
  • Mountain Drive
  • Saint Moritz Road
  • Winsor Way

Governing Board

NameTitleTerm EndEmail
Kelly Bisson



Virginia Skinner



Cindy Wheeler



Leona LeBlanc