Planning Board

Mission Statement:

Article 17 of the 1952 Town Meeting established a five member Planning Board in the Town of New Durham. Article 4 of the 1968 Town Meeting gave the Planning Board the authority to approve or disapprove subdivisions within the Town. Article 2 of the 2004 Town Meeting voted to have a publicly elected five member Planning Board per RSA 673:2 II(b)(1) and 673:5 II. The five alternate members are appointed by the Planning Board.

The mission of the Town of New Durham Planning Board is to:

  • Generate a shared community vision of the future of the Town;
  • Encourage-through education, ordinance, regulation, and other means--land uses that help create that vision;
  • Foster a well informed and active electorate; and
  • Encourage other public and private groups to help create that future.

New Hampshire law gives the Planning Board three major responsibilities:

  1. Planning for future needs and growth of the Town of New Durham. The board works with citizens to articulate a vision of what New Durham may become in the future.
  2. Adopting or recommending Codes, Ordinances and Rules that can help turn that vision into a reality.
  3. Regulation of the development, subdivision and use of land in the town to help contribute to the future vision.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Stillwell Land Use- Administrative Assistant (603) 859-2091 ex 2007 (Land Use)

Planning Board

Name Title
Scott Drummey Secretary (2025)
Jeff Allard Member (2027)
Marc DeCoff Select Board Rep (2024)
Robert Craycraft Vice-Chair (2026)
Anne Ross- Raymond Chair (2026)