ZBA Updated Procedural Rules Effective September 12, 2023

The New Durham Zoning Board of Adjustment has updated their Procedural Rules effective 9/12/23.

Important changes include:

Complete Application:  New requirements include:

Submitting a “Certificate of Zoning Compliance” from New Durham’s Building Inspector;

Completion of a “Table of Required Information”; and

Submittal of an electronic copy of the entire application package.

2022 Legislative changes to Zoning laws:

No longer determine if the application is complete but rather is there sufficient information submitted to the Board so a decision can be made.

Ability to deny an application without prejudice.

Due Dates: All application materials are due in by noon 21 days before the next scheduled meeting.

Submittal of Testimony: Written testimony and or documentation from abutters or members of the public must be submitted to the LUAA at least seven (7) calendar days before the case is scheduled to be heard.