Meeting House Restoration Committee

The Meetinghouse Restoration Committee has earthshaking news! While the earthquake rattled our quiet community, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance announced that the 1772 Meetinghouse has been named to its Seven to Save list. This distinction puts us in a favorable position to leverage funding and support of all kinds. Over half of the endangered historic structures the Alliance has put its strength behind since 2006 are now vibrant community assets once again.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our Town. Assessed by Preservation Timber Framing, Inc., the Meetinghouse “is in structural failure and requires stabilization.' By Thanksgiving, we should know the results of our pending LCHIP grant. If awarded, those funds, in conjunction with CRF monies, will cover all of the foundation work and cross bracing of the damaged timber frame.

Timber frame repair and a new roof will be the next step. The Committee has consultants on board with fund raising and preservation backgrounds, and is excited and optimistic that New Durham's rare piece of history will soon be secure.

As a Seven to Save site, the whole state will be watching us. We're confident we can do ourselves proud on this project, which has been dear to the community since the 1980s. If you can lend support of any kind, drop us an email.

- The Meetinghouse Restoration Committee

The 1772 Meetinghouse is situated on Old Bay Road and by its very name provides the clue as to its original use by past residents for the Town of New Durham. This was the building that began the process of local town governance in a fledgling democratic manner. The historical decisions made determined the origins and growth of the Town of New Durham.

The Town Historian should be the reference point as to the buildings’ actual history. The historical biography now provides the platform the formation of a Restoration Committee. This committee shall be composed of committed individuals with areas of expertise in restoration, building elements, site preservation, grant writings, research, planning and communication, and cultural event organization. The Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen under RSA 41:8 to assist them in the management and future of the building for the use and enjoyment of the community.

Committee Members

Name Title
Cathy Allyn Co-Chair
Bob Bickford Member
George Gale Co-Chair
Robin Bickford Member
Clayton Randall Member