Trustees of the Trust Funds

Duties & Responsibilities:

In general Towns may take and hold in trust gifts, legacies, and devises made to them for the establishment, maintenance, and care of libraries, reading-rooms, schools, and other education facilities, parks, cemeteries, and burial lots, care of shade and ornamental trees upon the highways and other public places, and for any other public purpose that is not foreign to their institution or incompatible with the objects of the organization. In 1998 the Town of New Durham authorized for an indefinite period the board of selectmen to accept such trust. All such trust shall be administrated by a board of three trustees.  One trustee shall be elected by a ballot at each town meeting for a term of 3 years. Trustee shall elect one of their members bookkeeper, who shall keep the records and books for the trustees, and shall require a voucher before making any disbursement of funds from said trusts.

Board Members

Name Title
Angela Pruitt Member (2026), Bookkeeper
David Bickford Member (2024)
David Allyn Member (2025)