Library Trustees

Mission Statement:

The New Durham Public Library exists for the purpose of providing New Durham residents and other interested persons of all ages with materials, services, and programs which best meet their educational, informational, and recreational needs. The collection will be in a variety of formats suitable for various ages. The library provides access to resources beyond the community through interlibrary loan, automated resources, and membership in regional cooperatives.

At the 1975 Town Meeting, Article #8 voted to increase the Trustees from 3 to 6 members.

RSA Library Trustees

202-A:6 Library Trustees; Election; Alternates. – The library trustees shall have the entire custody and management of the public library and of all the property of the town relating thereto, including appropriations held pursuant to RSA 202-A:11, III, but excepting trust funds held by the town. Any town having a public library shall, at a duly warned town meeting, elect a board of library trustees consisting of any odd number of persons which the town may decide to elect. Such trustees shall serve staggered 3-year terms or until their successors are elected and qualified. There may be no more than 3 alternates as provided in RSA 202-A:10.

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202-A:10 Library Trustees; Vacancies; Alternates. – Vacancies occurring on any board of library trustees in a town shall be filled as provided in RSA 669:75. A vacancy occurring among the publicly elected members of the board of library trustees of a city library shall be filled by the city council or other appropriate appointing authority within 2 months of the notice by the remaining members of the board of trustees. The board of library trustees may recommend to the appointing authority names of persons for appointment to vacancies on expired terms. The board of library trustees may recommend to the appointing authority the names of no more than 3 persons who may serve as alternate members on the board when elected members of the board are unable to attend a board meeting. The alternate members shall be appointed to one-year terms.

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Board Members

Name Title
William Meyer Chair (2021)
John Michaud Member (2022)
Laura McCarthy Secretary (2020)
Richard Leonard Treasurer (2020 - interim)
Lee Newman Member (2021)